Strategic Plan

Manheim Township Public Library


We are a gathering place where curious minds are nurtured and transformed.


To Inform, Educate, Inspire and Connect the citizens of Manheim Township and the Community beyond.


Identify the needs of the community and offer programs to meet those needs and foster awareness, learning and discussion

  • Partner with organizations that build community and support the Library’s mission.
  • Develop programming partnerships with the Manheim Township Recreation Department, Manheim Township School District, Manheim Township Historical Society and other local organizations.
  • Strengthen partnerships with non-profit organizations when our missions are aligned.
  • Partner with surrounding Senior Communities to collaborate on projects and services.
  • Facilitate Global Issues Awareness.
  • Find opportunities for Environmental Stewardship.
  • Facilitate community dialogue.
  • Develop and utilize a variety of methods to target underserved demographic groups.



  • Evaluate all staff on customer service standards and provide training where improvement is needed.
  • Maintain core competencies for service desk staff.
  • Develop strategies to promote both staff retention, including creating opportunities for full-time employment at the Library.


  • Plan for growth in terms of services, collections, and resources, including physical space.
  • Utilize technology to personalize and increase self-service opportunities.
  • Improve public access to the most relevant, authoritative and affordable online resources.
  • Utilize technology to improve service in coordination with the Library System of Lancaster County.
  • Develop instructional materials for the public to be posted on our website.
  • Deliver library messages utilizing social media in public relations efforts.


Identify reliable sources of revenue for daily operations as well as long-term planning and investment.

Develop a planned giving program.

  • Develop and distribute information about planned giving.