Reference Request

Our librarians are happy to help with reference questions. Please fill out the form below and we will respond by email.

  • Contact information is collected so that staff may answer patrons' questions and will be kept confidential. Please do not include detailed personal information in your question.

    If your question is medical, please contact your doctor. If it is an emergency, please contact Emergency Services.

    For medical, legal, tax, consumer, and personal finance questions, librarians and staff may only guide patrons to the available sources on these topics. Staff will not evaluate or interpret the information provided or offer opinions on the best course of action, nor will they offer medical advice, investment advice, answer tax questions, or act as a surrogate for a professional in the above mentioned fields.
  • What general reference question would you like us to answer? More detailed reference questions may be followed up by an email within 2 business days if more information is needed.
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