Facility Rentals

Schedule your next private party, business meeting, or community organization’s event at the Manheim Township Public Library. The library offers a variety of meeting rooms and event facilities, which can be reserved for a fee, to accommodate groups of any size up to 192 people. The library is easily accessible off the Manheim Pike exit of Route 283, and Fruitville Pike exit of Route 30, making it one of Lancaster, PA’s most centrally located and convenient locations to plan your next meeting or event. Directions to the Library.

Browse our meeting room information, then submit a Room Rental Inquiry below to check the availability of a space. We will reply to inquiries within one week.


Up to 4 Hours

Morgan Center A$175$70
Morgan Center B$175$70
Morgan Center C$175$70
Morgan Center A+B+C$475$200
Lapp Story Silo (Limited Availability)$100$50

Up to 8 Hours

Morgan Center A$230$110
Morgan Center B$230$110
Morgan Center C$230$110
Morgan Center A+B+C$630$320
Lapp Story Silo (Limited Availability)$150$75

Per Hour if Reserved

Large Meeting Room (119)$25$10
Small Meeting Room (110, 117, 118, 120, 121)$15$6
Kitchen, Lobby, Patio, or Children’s Discovery Patio Only$60$20

Additional Options

PA System$40$25

Extended Use (Before 9:00 AM and after closing) - $100/hour for first 2 hours, $50/hour for each additional hour

Cancellation Fee: A $50 fee shall be charged for cancellations less than two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Morgan Program Center A + B + C

This combination of three dividable rooms is the largest facility in the library. The high ceiling, bright lighting, and remotely controlled window shades make this state of the art facility ideal for presentations, fundraisers, concerts, discussions, dinners, parties, and events with flexibility to meet many needs. The combinations of rooms can hold up to 192 persons in chairs. Also available are rectangular tables and circular tables which can seat up to 6. The center room hosts a built in audio system that connects to a high definition overhead digital projector. Lighting options include full bright fluorescent and dimmable fluorescent or halogen lighting.

The large room can be divided into three individual rooms. Each has a capacity of up to 64 individuals in chairs.

Morgan Center Room A

This is the most interior section of the Morgan Center.

Morgan Center Room B

This room is middle room which has a built-in ceiling projector, large projection screen, a built-in sound system, and windows with full or partial blinds.

Morgan Center Room C

This is the most exterior section of the Morgan Center with a corner window that has a partial blind.

Front Patio and Children’s Discovery Patio

These outdoor spaces have various seating available and are great for parties.

Teaching Kitchen

Designed for library programs, this space is not available for cooking full meals, but can be used to serve food for your event. It is attached to Morgan A and can be added to your rental request.

Lapp Story Silo

This multipurpose room used for library programs, and may not be available for rentals. Please reach out about a particular date if you are interested.

Morgan Center Capacity

With all three rooms open, the space can hold up to 192 people in chairs, or up to 96 with tables and chairs. Capacity may be lower depending on furniture set-up. One section of the Morgan Center can hold up to 64 people in chairs or up to 32 with tables and chairs.

Room Set-up Options

Each section of the Morgan Center can hold 64 people audience style, with chairs facing the front of the room.

The Morgan Center be arranged with tables and chairs facing the front classroom style. One section can hold a maximum of 30 people, and there is enough furniture for 48 people in a double section or full room.

A boardroom set-up with tables in a U or circle shape can hold 12 people easily.

One section of the Morgan Center can be arranged with up to 30 chairs in a discussion circle.

Each section of the Morgan Center can hold 5 round tables, with 6 chairs at each for 30 people per section.


20 Rectangular (72″x30″ by 29″ high)
16 Narrow Rectangle (72″x12″ by 29″ high)
15 Round (60″ across, 29″ high)
8 Card Tables (36″ square)
8 Children’s Tables (24″ square)

192 Adult
32 Children’s

White Board

The availability of these furniture options is not guaranteed, and items may be reserved for library programs or other renters. This page shows what furniture may be available and what set-ups are commonly used.

Study Rooms

There are six study rooms available for use free of charge during normal library hours. Study rooms may be checked out on a first come, first serve basis for two-hour sessions. Use of these rooms for paid services, including fee-based tutoring and counseling, will result in a rental charge to be paid when use begins. The same rental fees apply for patrons who wish to reserve a room for a future date for any type of use. The largest study room fits up to 8 people, and the smaller rooms fit 4 chairs and a table, or 2 large upholstered chairs.

After you have submitted a Room Rental Inquiry, a staff member will contact you about your request. The documents below will be used to set up your rental once the inquiry has been approved.

Facilities Rental Agreement

Facility Rental Rules & Regulations

Facility Rental Fee Schedule 2024

Facility Rental Room & Furniture Options

Facility Rental Rules Exemption Request Form

Room Rental Inquiry

Use this form to inquire about possible room rentals. This form is not a reservation and does not guarantee a rental time will be available. Completing this form does not create a rental agreement. A staff member will contact you about your inquiry within one week. Please review the Facility Rental Rules & Regulations and Facility Rental Fee Schedule 2022 before submitting your request.

Contact Information

Are you requesting a room for personal use or for an organization?(Required)
Please note that to qualify for a non-profit rate you must produce a valid EIN or tax-exempt documents. Please review the 2024 Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Proposed Date

Please remember that this inquiry does not guarantee availability. Rentals are available during the library's open hours.
Please remember that this inquiry does not guarantee availability. Rentals are available during the library's open hours.
Either the specific time you are looking for, or the general time of day (morning, afternoon, evening).
If you don't have a set date, let us know what range you are considering.

Rental Details

Which room would you like to rent?(Required)
If you are interested in the Lapp Story Silo, please indicate in the comments below. The Silo is often booked for programs and may not be available on your date.
Please note that the seated room capacity for the full Morgan Center is 192 people in chairs, or up to 96 with tables and chairs. One section of the Morgan Center can hold up to 64 people in chairs or up to 32 with tables and chairs. Capacity may be less depending on the furniture arrangement you choose. It is your responsibility to enforce a capacity limit, for example by requiring registration.
Please enter a number from 1 to 192.
Time Block(Required)
Our Morgan Center sections can be rented for either 4-hour or 8-hour blocks. Study rooms are rented at an hourly rate. Please select your choice below.
Furniture Set-up
Please note that different furniture arrangements will change the room capacity and may not work for your group size. The availability of these furniture options is not guaranteed, and furniture may be reserved for library programs or other renters.
Do you need any presentation equipment?
The library has wifi, projection equipment, screens, and microphones for our sound system. We provide basic connections and setup, but do not provide cameras, laptop computers, or extended a/v technology assistance. There may be additional fees for equipment use.