How can I use the Library?

Borrow materials

Library cardholders can borrow books, music, movies, audiobooks, and other titles for 7 – 14 days. When you’ve finished using the items return them to the library so others can use them again, and again.

Attend events and programs

The library offers programs for all ages, but especially young children and early readers. Check the calendar to see what is happening. Space is often limited at library programs, so be sure to signup online when you find a program you like.

Read and study

There are six study rooms available for use free of charge, on a first come basis. Patrons must show ID or Library Card, which must be in good standing to use a room. Patrons can reserve room for use for a small fee. There are also many tables, chairs, and couches for reading and studying in a comfortable, inspiring environment.

Use a computer terminal

There are over 30 computer terminals for patron use. Each computer has Internet access, word processing and other tools available free of charge. Users need a library card to signup, but visitors can also use a temporary card to signup.

Meet with friends

The Tell Cafe & Used Bookstore, patio and lobby areas are wonderful places to meet with friends and colleagues. The library is an excellent place to find information and meet friends.

Host or attend a private event

Facility rental is available in the Morgan Program Center, as well as other areas in the library. These can be used for private events like parties or showers, business events and presentations, or large dinners.