MTPL Adult Summer Reading 2022

MTPL Adult Summer Reading begins June 4th and ends August 13th! Join the THIS or THAT Challenge!

There is no registration required! Pick up & return your bookmark entry at the MTPL Circulation Desk. Pick an entry that fits into either the THIS or THAT category for each challenge. Bookmarks with all 5 entries completed are eligible for the grand prize raffle. Fewer than 5 entries are eligible for a smaller prize raffle. 18+ patrons only, please.

Not sure how to complete a challenge? Try Your Next 5 Books to get personalized recommendations.

The 2022 This or That challenges are:

  1. A book set in the future or the 19th century.
  2. A book set on a ship or in the mountains.
  3. A new-to-you author or an author with your first or last name.
  4. Attend a program or check out a documentary.
  5. A book set in Africa or a book set in Asia.

Happy Reading!

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