What is the Public Library?

The Manheim Township Public Library is a free public library that is accessible by the public and funded through public and private sources. Public libraries are an essential part of having an educated and literate population by providing free access to information.

The mission of the Manheim Township Public Library is to provide resources and services to inform, educate, and inspire. The library works to be a vibrant place that meet the needs of a diverse and growing constituency by providing library and information services. The Board of Trustees and the staff work together to serve the public and to respond to the changing nature of library services.

The Manheim Township Public Library is distinct from research libraries, school libraries, or other special libraries because it serves the public’s information needs generally (rather than serve a particular school, institution, or research population), as well as offering materials for general entertainment and leisure purposes.

As a lending library, users can take books and other materials off the premises temporarily. The library primarily focuses on popular materials such as books, magazines, eReaders and movies, as well as educational and nonfiction materials of interest to the general public. Computer and internet access are often offered, as well as online reference, language, early literacy tools, health, and homework help resources.