Parts of an Application

Passport Application: Please complete the application form before your appointment. Copies of the application forms are available at the library, or online on the Department of State website as printable and PDF copies of the form. All forms and copies must be single-sided. NOTE: Forms may not contain corrections, including white-out, crossing out the incorrect information, etc. If you must make a correction, a new form should be completed.

Birth Certificate: Original or certified state issued document with at least one parent’s name on the document. It should say “birth certificate” or “certification of birth”.   The original document will be sent with the passport application and returned directly to you.

Go to if you do not have an original or certified state issued, birth certificate, or if parents are not listed on the certificate.
Hospital certificate
Hospital certificates NOT acceptable as proof of citizenship


Naturalization Certificate: Original or a certified document with a raised seal. This will be sent with the passport application and returned directly to you.

Valid Photo Identification with Signature: Driver’s License or State ID. If an out-of-PA license is presented, additional photo ID must be shown.

Passport Photos: 1 photo with strict specifications must be submitted. These photos can be taken at another provider and brought with you at the application time, or a set can be taken at the library for $15 per person.

Social Security Number: Applicants are advised to include their social security number to avoid processing delays.