Book Prizes

All ages can choose a book prize to go along with their prize pack!

Furry bunny book cover
Furry Bunny by Annie Auerbach (Board Book)
This cute, simple story follows Furry Bunny as they hop around in the springtime sun, meeting friends and playing in the garden.
Book cover for How Monkey Says “My Name Is!”
How Monkey Says “My Name Is!” by Abigail Samoun. (Board Book)
Monkey’s taking a trip around the world, and everywhere she goes she introduces herself in the native language of the country she’s visiting. Kids can join her and learn to say “my name is” in seven different languages.
Book cover for I’m Not Reading
I’m Not Reading by Jonathan Allen. (Board Book)
Baby Owl reluctantly reads a story to Baby Chick, whose numerous brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends join in and test Baby Owl’s patience.

Laugh-Out-Loud Back-to-School Jokes: Lift-the-Flap by Rob Elliott. (Lift Flap Book)
Lift more than a dozen flaps to reveal school-themed jokes and puns that will keep class clowns cackling all year long!
People Don't Bite People book cover
People Don’t Bite People by Lisa Wheeler (Picture Book)
Lisa Wheeler and Caldecott Honor–winning illustrator Molly Idle remind overeager little biters that biting is for food in this hysterical read-aloud picture book. Learning good behavior has never been so fun!
Superhero Hotel book cover
Superhero Hotel by Abie Longstaff (Picture Book)
Welcome to the Superhero Hotel – a top secret hideaway where superheroes come to relax. But when the superheroes accidentally put the hotel in danger, they must work together to save it before it is too late!

Strega Nona’s harvest by Tomie dePaola. (Picture Book)
After helping Strega Nona plant her vegetable garden just so, Big Anthony takes some extra seeds and sows another garden willy nilly, then must find a way to deal with the consequences.
Book Cover for My Classic Fairy Tale Collection
My Classic Fairy Tale Collection (Picture Book)
This storybook collection contains four well-loved fairy tales, perfect to read together. Fun illustrations and witty, rhyming text bring a new twist to each classic tale. Includes Puss in Boots, Hansel and Gretel, The Ugly Duckling, and Rapunzel.
Book Cover for Oopsie-Do!
Oopsie-Do! by Tim Kubart. (Picture Book)
A lively picture book that reassures children that it’s okay to make mistakes. When a girl drops her snack or scrapes her knee, does she get upset? No! She says, “Oopsie-do!”
Book Cover for Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies
Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies by Christian Trimmer (Picture Book)
In this twist on the story of Snow White, pretty and sweet Snow Pony follows a trail of delicious apples into the woods, where she meets seven miniature ponies.
Angelina Ballerina & the Tea Party book cover
Angelina Ballerina & the Tea Party by Katharine Holabird (Early Reader)
Angelina is hosting a tea party for all her friends from the ballet academy! There are cookies, cakes, and beautiful decorations. Will it be the best tea party ever?
Big Shark, Little Shark, Baby Shark
Big Shark, Little Shark, Baby Shark by Anna Membrino (Early Reader)
Just when you thought it was safe…Big Shark and Little Shark return in this funny new Step 1 Reader, pursued by…Baby Shark!
Stories from Sesame Street book cover
Stories from Sesame Street by Random House (Early Reader)
This bind-up includes 6 early readers in one volume with poster and 30 stickers! Join the gang from Sesame Street in the following books: B is for Books!; I Can Do It!; Monsters Munch Lunch!; Elmo Says Achoo!; The Biggest Cookie in the World; Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker.

Mr. Monkey bakes a cake by Jeff Mack. (Early Reader)
Mr. Monkey bakes a cake and enters it in a contest, but nothing goes as planned.

School of fish by Jane Yolen. (Early Reader)
A young fish confidently begins his first day of school, but soon faces fear, anger, and other emotions by counting to ten, thinking of calm seas, and making a new friend.
Book Cover for Pizza Pig
Pizza Pig by Diana Murray. (Early Reader)
Pig enjoys making just the right pizza to delight each of his customers, so when Turtle will not eat he must figure out why.

Bunny will not smile! by Jason Tharp (Graphic Novel)
A bear named Big has a problem. His friend Bunny will not smile, no matter what Big tries…so Big needs readers’ help!
Life of Ty: Penguin Problems book cover
Life of Ty: Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle (Chapter Book)
Meet Ty, a little guy with a big heart!
Winnie Perry’s sweet baby brother, Ty is full of awesome ideas and wacky plans that only a seven-year-old boy could hatch.
Missing Puppy and other tales book cover
Missing Puppy & Other Tales by Holly Webb (Chapter Book)
Three heartwarming puppy stories to treasure in one book, from best-selling author Holly Webb. Includes The Missing Puppy, The Homeless Puppy, and The Runaway Puppy.

The Critter Club 3-Books-in-1! by Callie Barkley. (Chapter Book)
In this bind-up of the first three Critter Club stories, read about four best friends who band together to form a rescue shelter to save lost and lonely animals in their town. Amy, Ellie, Liz, and Marion each have their own different personalities and interests, but they all have one thing in common: a serious love of animals. Together they help a lost puppy, abandoned bunnies, and a wandering turtle. Join The Critter Club and fall in love with this fun flock of friends!

Shark school : 3-books-in-1! by Davy Ocean. (Chapter Book)
Dive in to the exciting undersea world of Harry Hammer, a hammerhead shark, and his fishy friends, who are never more than a bite away from (mis)adventure in this fin-tastic chapter book series!
Book cover for Clover’s Luck
Magical Animal Adoption Agency: Clover’s Luck by Kallie George. (Chapter Book)
Clover, who wants to change her bad luck, accepts a volunteer position at a pet adoption agency unlike any other and soon finds herself in a world of fairy horses, dragons with temperamental snouts, wizards, and princesses.
Book Cover for Wiskerella
Hamster Princess: Whiskerella by Ursula Vernon. (Chapter Book)
When a fairy godmouse forces Whiskerella to wear glass slippers and attend balls night after night in search of a happily ever after, it’s up to Princess Harriet Hamsterbone to break the spell and save the day.
Book Cover for The Weather Disaster
Mad Scientist Academy: The Weather Disaster by Matthew McElligott (Graphic Novel)
Dr. Cosmic can’t wait to introduce the students to his latest invention, the CHAOS machine; designed to keep the school at the right temperature for learning. But when the machine starts to malfunction, causing a snowstorm in the pool, a flood in the greenhouse, and a dangerous thunderstorm in the science lab, the students must stop CHAOS before it destroys the entire school!
Book cover for Baeoh and the Bully
Team Taekwando: Baeoh and the Bully by Taekwon Lee & Jeffrey Nodelman. (Graphic Novel)
Team Taekwondo class clown Baeoh is excited for the dojo’s Buddy Day! Normally, bringing a buddy to class would be all fun and laughs. But with a new bully in his life who won’t leave him alone, Baeoh doesn’t feel much like a buddy. Worse yet, he may be turning into a bully himself. Can Baeoh figure out how to turn this tough situation into a win?
NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, & Defense Society book cover
NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, & Defense Society by Michael Buckley (Junior Fiction)
Can this team of misfits save the world from their secret headquarters in the basement of their school? Can you read NERDS without laughing? Go ahead and try!

Out of left field by Ellen Klages. (Junior Fiction)
In 1957, inspired by what she is learning about civil rights and armed with knowledge of female ball players, ten-year-old Katy Gordon fights to be allowed to play Little League baseball.

A kind of paradise by Amy Rebecca Tan. (Junior Fiction)
Thirteen-year-old Jamie must spend her summer volunteering at Foxfield Public Library, but quickly grows to love the people there and enthusiastically joins the fight to save the library.

The Tornado by Jake Burt. (Junior Fiction)
For Bell Kirby, school is about sketching and avoiding a bully who happens to be the principal’s son, until new student Daelynn arrives and turns everything upside-down.
Alex Rider: Secret Weapon
Alex Rider: Secret Weapon by Athony Horowitz (Teen Fiction)
Follow Alex as he infiltrates a terrorist hideout in Afghanistan, fights to prevent an assassination attempt at a ski resort over Christmas, and much more!
Clownfish Aren't So Funny book cover
Clownfish Aren’t So Funny: Fascinating Facts about Some of the Ocean’s Most Misunderstood Creatures by Matt Weiss (Kids Nonfiction)
Dive in and enjoy these surprising stories about the ocean’s smallest creatures!
I Am Not an Egg Carton
I Am Not an Egg Carton: 10 Amazing Things to Make with Egg Cartons by Carlton Publishing Group (Kids Nonfiction)
Take your craft projects to a whole new level with this ingenious series that turns recycling into an art form!
Bloody Times book cover
Bloody Times by James L. Swanson (Teen Nonfiction)
The saga that began with the New York Times best-selling Manhunt continues! James Swanson revisits “the story of the century,” following the final journeys of two Civil War leaders against the bloody landscape of a wounded nation.

Compton Cowboys & the Fight to Save Their Horse Ranch by Walter Thompson-Hernandez (Teen Nonfiction)
In this young readers’ edition, a rising New York Times reporter tells the compelling story of the Compton Cowboys, a group of African-American men and women who defy stereotypes and continue the proud, centuries-old tradition of black cowboys in the heart of one of America’s most notorious cities.
Book Cover for Far From the Tree
Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon. (Teen Nonfiction)
Explores the impact of extreme differences between parents and children. The old adage says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, meaning that children usually resemble their parents. But what happens when the apples fall somewhere else; sometimes a couple of orchards away, sometimes on the other side of the world?
Book Cover for Roses and Radicals
Roses & Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote by Susan Zimet. (Teen Nonfiction)
A history of the women’s movement and the fight to ratify the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920.