Monday, February 4th 2019

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Morgan A, Morgan B

Dr. Robert Frick brings the great characters of our county to life through six highly informative and entertaining sessions. Dr. Frick will introduce 18 people who had a significant impact on the events that shaped both our county and our nation.

The schedule is as follows:

January 28:
Edward Shippen, III: Businessman, Public Official, Founder, Patriot

Thomas Barton: Teacher, Minister, Loyalist

Jasper Yeates: Attorney, Patriot, Judge


February 4:
William Atlee: Attorney, Patriot, Judge, Civic Leader

Matthias Slough: Civic Leader, Patriot, Businessman

Francis Bailey: Printer, New Churchman


February 11:
Thomas Wharton: Businessman, Patriot, President of Pennsylvania

Adam Reigart: Businessman, Patriot, Civic Leader

Andrew Ellicott: Surveyor, Scientist, Educator


February 25:
Simon Snyder: Magistrate, Legislator, Governor of Pennsylvania

Amos Ellmaker: Soldier, Attorney, Businessman, Politician

Jacob Eichholtz: Artist


March 4:
Thomas Henry Burrowes: Legislator, Educator, College President

Harriet Lane Johnson: Political Partner, First Lady, Philanthropist

John Piersol McCaskey: Educator, Community Leader, Civic Leader


March 11:
Peter Watt and James Shand: Businessmen, Civic Leaders

Milton Garvin: Businessman, Civic Leader, Church Founder

Charles Demuth: Artist