Together, They Made Lancaster Great, Volume I

Monday, February 26th 2018

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Morgan B, Morgan C

Dr. Robert Frick brings the great characters of our county to life through six highly informative and entertaining sessions. Dr. Frick will introduce 18 people who had a significant impact on the events that shaped both our county and our nation.  Dr. Frick presents James Hamilton, the founder of Lancaster, Thaddeus Stevens, the congressman and abolitionist, and many more unknown, but important players.

Week 1 – January 29th:
James Hamilton: Lawyer, Proprietor, Founder of Lancaster
Gotthilf Henry Ernestus Muhlenberg: Educator, Minister, Renaissance Man
William Henry: Gunsmith, Patriot, Inventor

Week 2 – February 5th:
George Ross: Lawyer, Politician, Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Edward Hand: Soldier, Physician, Politician, Adjutant General
Joseph Simon: Jewish Leader, Businessman, Patriot

Week 3 – February 12th:
Robert Coleman: Ironmaster, Soldier, Parent
James Buchanan: Lawyer, Politician, Statesman, President
Robert Fulton: Artist, Inventor, Engineer

Week 4 – February 26th:
John Reynolds: Military Hero
Thaddeus Stevens: Lawyer, Politician, Abolitionist
Lydia Hamilton Smith: Friend, Abolitionist, Landlady

Week 5 -March 5th:
Christopher Hager: Businessman
Frank Woolworth: Businessman
Milton S. Hershey: Candymaker, Businessman, Philanthropist

Week 6 – March 12th:
William Walton Griest: Educator, Politician, Businessman
Andrew Jackson Steinman: Publisher, Businessman
Emlen Urban: Architect, Builder of Lancaster