Play K

Tuesday, July 18th 2017

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Morgan C

Registration for this free event is required, and will open BY NOON on June 16.  Please register each child for this free program online, by phone, or when you visit the Library.  A responsible adult is expected to participate with each child.  Please register for the first session only…your registration will apply for the entire six week program.  4 to 5 years, with adult. Thank you for arranging for alternate arrangements for younger siblings. Limit: 15 children.

Is your child approaching kindergarten age? Join us for a special program designed just for children on the cusp of kindergarten. Each week we will offer fun, play-infused activities, story times, songs, crafts, group activities and more. These activities will focus on a variety of different skills that have been identified as critical for success in kindergarten. This program is offered for six consecutive weeks starting April 18, 2017 and finishing May 23. If possible, it is recommended that you and your child attend all of the classes in a single session for the greatest benefit, as some of the learning experiences build on each other as the weeks progress.

Each program will conclude with a handout for parents and caregivers to review the learning goals that were designed into the play experiences, along with ideas for further enriching the concepts that were introduced that day.  The registration form includes a survey of your child’s current abilities.  While we cannot address all of these skills in the time allotted, your feedback helps to identify what focus skills will best serve the largest number of children.  Your responses are confidential.