Medicare Open Enrollment

Tuesday, November 16th 2021

10:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Morgan A

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment and Health Plan Check-Up Appointments

Lancaster County Office of Aging runs a program called PA Medi, formerly APPRISE. This group assists those with questions about Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance.   This team of professionals will be at the Manheim Township Public Library

They will meet with you individually, confidentially, to go over what Medicare Plan you currently have, and to see if upcoming 2022 plans are the same, have higher or lower premiums, are still available, etc.  If your coverage remains the same and you like it, you don’t have to do anything.  Drug or RX plans and Medigap (supplement) plans are those you can switch at this time of year. You can also switch from an Advantage Plan to an Original Medicare Plan.

Insurance changes made during the Open Enrollment time become effective January 1, 2022.

You must schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling the Office of Aging at 717-299-7979 to select a confidential individual appointment time slot at this location.  If you cannot make it for one of those, the Office of Aging will also have dates/times of appointments at other locations, and at their offices (150 N. Queen St.) that you can sign up for. Each is an hour at a time.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Call the Office of Aging  717-299-7979.