Wednesday, January 4th 2017

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Dr. Thomas Godfrey, Asst. Professor of Pubic Health Sciences, Penn State Hershey will talk about the Affordable Care Act and why some kind of reform was necessary, why this bill was not exactly what was needed and what is likely to happen to it in the new Administration. Regardless of your politics, this landmark piece of legislation is something that affects all Americans now and into the future. Prof. Godfrey will get behind the screaming and yelling and posturing to explore the real challenges of American Healthcare in the 21st Century.

Dr. Godfrey has been a practicing physician, administrator, lobbyist and teacher of both public health professionals and new doctors. He brings years of insight and a broad perspective to bear on this thorny topic. This is a chance to get your questions answered by an experienced professional and political independent.