Getting Organized for Back to School

Wednesday, July 24th 2019

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Morgan A, Morgan B

Want to make sure your kids are ready for school? Join Mara Clements and Dr. Sarah Haas for an interactive workshop that will show kids the importance of decluttering and organizing as they prepare for success. They will give tips on keeping backpacks, desk, playroom, and bedroom tidy so kids can stay at the top of their game this year!

As the owner of MoreSPACE Professional Organizing, Mara has been helping others declutter, organize, and style meaningful living and work spaces for over a decade. She is a sought-after speaker who has been featured on WGAL and has a recurring column entitled “MoreSPACE, More Life” in Susquehanna Style’s online blog.

Dr. Sarah Haas is a Licensed Child Psychologist who works with kids and teens.  She is the Clinical Director and therapist at the Center For Active Minds and offers specialized treatments and evaluations for ADHD and anxiety.

For children age 6 to 12.