Dinosaur Dig: Dinosaur Expedition Adventure

Wednesday, June 28th 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Morgan A, Morgan B, Morgan C

Registration Required
Registration is not yet open.

Finding a dinosaur may be accomplished by one person but, getting a dinosaur out of the
ground is always a team effort. We will showcase all the different skills that come together on a
paleontological dig.As a special bonus,we will invite the audience to experience the thrill of digging up
a real dinosaur bone. Each child will unearth a Triceratops bone and then help construct a dinosaur on a
large cut-out. In addition, we will feature the skull of an Albertosaurus named Elvis and explore the
characteristics of this dinosaur. As always, the program will include audience participation, a touch of
magic, and show and tell of rare fossils.

This show is recommended for ages 5+


Registration for this program will open by 9am on Wednesday, June 7th for Manheim Township and East Lampeter residents and on Friday, June 9th for residents of other municipalities.