Coder Dojo

Tuesday, February 11th 2020

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Morgan A, Laptops - training

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Registration for this free event is required, and will open BY NOON on FRIDAY, JANUARY 17th.  Ages 8-17.  Adults are welcome to observe. 

Join the local Coder Dojo Group! Coder Dojo is an international organization that organizes computer programming clubs for kids. The Lancaster Coder Dojo is run by local professional computer programmers.  You may bring your own tech, or borrow a Library laptop to work on during the session.   Please let us know if you wish to use library equipment by checking the appropriate box in this registration.

Lancaster Coder Dojo also meets at Lancaster Public Library (125 North Duke Street) on the fourth Tuesday of the month. To attend LPL’s sessions, please visit their website to learn how to register for sessions at LPL.